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Multiflow Makeover

Presenting our latest Website makeover, Multiflow are at the cutting edge.  We really enjoyed working alongside management to create this slick new site.

Multiflow’s new website has been built on the WordPress platform and uses the popular responsive Bootstrap framework from Twitter to ensure that, whatever the browsing device, the visitor gets the best view of the site. The homepage features a large image slider and a smaller post slider to highlight featured areas of the site. Ease of use and clear content with plenty of white (and orange) space were key parts of the design brief.

The Admin interface has been customised so that key staff are able to maintain the content without the risk of damaging the style of the site. All content, including header and footer menus, is editable by the client.

We are sure you will agree it is a fabulous outlet!

Many thanks to Multiflow for producing Trinity Camerata’s programmes for a family orchestral concert at St. Edburgs on November 16th at 3:45pm

Village Players Get Web Makeover …

Parrot-1024pxParrot-1024px… courtesy of Alex Goodey Communications!!


We strongly believe that local businesses should get involved with community projects and local charities wherever possible.  It is important to give a little back.  We focus on projects in our area to do with Music and Drama as well as supporting charities to do with mental health awareness when appropriate.

We are proud to announce that the Launton Village Players official website is now under construction.  The Players have been established for over 25 years and tirelessly raise money for charities through their Autumn Plays, Summer Shows and spectacularly ambitious and widely renowned Pantomimes.  It is only right that the group have a website befitting their reputation and so the work has started in earnest and we are thoroughly enjoying it!

For more information about the Players in the mean time visit their facebook page:

It is easy to get involved, remember that Trinity Camerata are always looking for sponsors too!




Introducing two of our latest bespoke websites.  Interested in a nosey around? Click the links below!  These two clients are the latest in a long line of businesses taking advantage of Cherwell Council’s grants designed to help businesses fund their websites in order to make them “mobile friendly”.  Whether you want a new website or want to make yours “mobile friendly” we are approved to help make it happen in conjunction with the grant.  Both websites are running based on Word Press and are taking advantage of our new service called a “cloud hosting programme”.  Put simply we can offer extremely competitive hosting packages and guarantee much improved speed and performance regardless of traffic spiking.

The web is constantly upgrading.  Do you need a web face-lift?  Now is the time to contact us whilst grants are still available, £150 goes a long way to keeping your business current and competitive.   Give as much or as little design and content input as you want – it is up to you!

Take a look at these two beauties …


Good or Bad – Get It Right And You’re Onto A Winner!




No need to bother
 No need to bother


Although I was involved in creating content and advising for an award-winning Marketing Campaign for a global pharmaceutical company,I don’t know a lot about Marketing/Advertising formally, unlike Alex. What I do have is  a grasp of what’s effective and what is not (we all do).

The shining example of how to do it right is of course Compare The Market’s Compare The Meerkat campaign.  Stunningly brilliant.  This is surely the best we’ve seen in years, if not ever.  Looking back, those other stand out campaigns such as “Trio” where the viking kid screeches, Nescafe Gold Blend (enough said) and Cointreau  don’t even get a look in!

Bad advertising and marketing can also be as effective if not moreso.  If there is controversy, there is money to be made.  What is the best way to get customers under these circumstances? Let negative press and riled twitter-ites do the talking.  In the case of the subject of my next blog, go there, spend money, but its only so we are able to sit there and moan about how wrong it is.  I think everyone will have their own views.  Mostly negative, but lets face it, the place is thriving and it is all based on the controversy and those looking down their noses at this ridiculous idea.  Who’s having the last laugh?

Read my review below (contains some swearing):

Sparky Success!!


I have to say that building a website can be quite time consuming and often frustrating, which is why I really love all the work I do afterwards.  Who works on a Sunday? Well we did and it was thoroughly enjoyable!! The tasks were to get some great pictures and some good video testimonials for

Why video?  In a nutshell, text is boring.  With a video, it is easier to see how sincere the review is too!

Guinness going down nicely, Sparky wowing the Crowd … I love my work!

Please take time to visit the site and have a browse to see what we can do.  Its a great example of how useful we can be for your business. To read our news blast click on the link below and have a look!!

Sparky Gig Alert!!


A quick reminder that Mr Mark “Sparky” Harding will be wowing the crowd on Sunday at 3pm as part of the spectacular White Hart Pub line up in Bicester.  It is always a great St. Patrick’s Day celebration at this authentically Irish pub!  We will be asking around for people to discuss their feelings about his show with a view to filming the best testimonials for Sparky’s fab new website!

Please come along and enjoy the day  and bookmark Sparky’s website so you can check in and see if your video makes it!


What Your Website Says About You

It’s all very well telling people about how good you may be when handing out those all important business cards  but potential clients can make a lot of assumptions based on what they see online.  If a site looks tired or amateurish, it could be more detrimental than useful.  It’s all about raising the profile and awareness of what you can offer. Make the site shine and you will shine.

It is a fact that a lick of paint will freshen up the most dated of rooms. With technology forever changing and updating, it is little wonder that things become out dated.

It’s not all bad.  With a little TLC, your tired, old website can be looking all spangly and new with a little help from us at Alex Goodey Communications.

There is no need to lose your hosting and domain name in the process of updating.  We simply move your site onto the latest web design software where the sky is the limit!

The most innovative of websites have a few tricks in common.  Mailing lists, virtual newsletters, blogs outlining your latest achievements and goals, exciting and bold photo galleries, animation and our personal favourites – video and audio sections.  In this competitive age of technology, the website is one of the most powerful mediums to get yourself and your business out there.   Would you use a service or book an act if their website looks shabby?

If your website looks and is professional, so does your business. Many people fall at the first hurdle by trying to create a site with no experience or vision.  A little investment goes along way with these things and a good website sorts the men from the boys!

We at Alex Goodey Communications guarantee a comprehensive service allowing you, the client to have as much input as you want at affordable prices with ongoing support be that producing news letters, blogging and other updates constantly needed for you to be on top of your game.

Take that first step and contact us directly for a free consultation!


Trinity Camerata Concert

Sunday 23rd March at the Church of Immaculate Conception, Bicester

Beethoven: Egmont Overture
Weber: Clarinet Concerto No. 1 (soloist: Mandy Burvill)
Elgar: Dream Children
Schubert: Symphony No.4 ‘Tragic’

Trinity Camerata are an excellent quality amateur orchestra based in Bicester.  As I am a member, I wanted to do my bit and so we produce the orchestras programmes at no cost which always have space for advertising your business.  The audience’s for each concert are a diverse group of people and it is always packed out. so it is a perfect platform to reach out to people who may want your services.

There is not a lot happening of a Sunday afternoon so why not come along and enjoy the concert or support the group by buying advertising space!

If you are interested please contact me so I can pass your details on to the organisers




Where Will You Go On Paddy’s Day?

It’s come around quickly to be sure, to be sure!  For us at Alex Goodey Communications there can be only one place to go and celebrate and  that  has to be the White Hart in Bicester.  It is literally all about the craic down there and the entertainment and friendly welcome is always second to none.

This year is no exception.  Our valued client, Mr Mark “Sparky” Harding will be performing a set at 3pm so pop in for a good pint of guinness and watch the master at work …

For more details click the link below:

Hope to see you there!

Info Techies!

Laptops, desk tops, tablets, smart phones and their accessories a remarkable in what they can do when they work properly.  Every so often, we all hit a snag.  It usually isn’t the actual product itself but something we have done – pesky human error! Here at Alex Goodey Communications we promise we can fix it.

This week has been exceptionally busy for us.  Yes folks, even Apple products aren’t safe from malfunctioning!  We have been working with many of our existing clients and some new clients too in a range of locations including Northampton, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire.

We don’t just support small and large business but offer a professional and efficient service to those needing help at home from setting up and syncing your devices, networking, troubleshooting to retrieving data and everything in between!

We offer comprehensive help and support at an affordable price.  We will take the irritation of errors away from you!!

We do I.T. as well!!

We did have to have a bit of a drool of this little lot!
We did have to have a bit of a drool over these little beauties!

…the latest task in hand was over the weekend where we set up several spangly new MacbookPros and iPad Airs (Nice bit of kit – a bit jealous we were).  Easy? Not really.  It is very time consuming (at least five hours per day) but you can’t take your eyes off them!  We were transferring important data, passwords, software and as we are deemed trustworthy, we proceeded to completely wipe the older machines.  That also is not an easy task if it is to be done properly.

There was no going out this weekend, but it was worth it in the end! Need IT Support?  Contact us, we love computers!!

Dreamcatcher Website Launched

We were tasked to create a fun website for a local DJ and didn’t disappoint!  As part of the package we will be maintaining the site by updating content, adding photo’s and video as and when required.  Please take time to have a look – it’s a totally different concept and was great fun to set up!

So, if you want a really good DJ for any event or a bit of karaoke, please contact Helen through her website:


At last!

Finally a bit of time came our way and we decided to jump on the Facebook bandwagon.  Twitter simply isn’t enough these days! Join us for a bit of business and the inevitable bit of miscellaneous that goes on.  You could always sign up for our news letter too!  There are so many new web toys to play with and such little time but we guarantee they will help you and your growing businesses xx

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