Door to door leaflet delivery

Over the past 6 months we have been ‘soft launching’ our door to door leaflet delivery service. Operating in and around the Bicester area, this new service is ideal for B2C businesses and has already proven successful for several local businesses.

With prices starting at £6 per 100 leaflets (shared delivery service) or £9 per 100 leaflets (solus delivery service) we are able to give the flexibility that many other delivery services cannot offer.

Typical GPS Trace for leaflet delivery

All our delivery agents are GPS tracked and we provide traces of these to prove that the leaflets have been delivered where they were required.

The solus delivery service allows you to target other characteristics within your chosen geographic area – i.e. you may want to only target houses larger than three bedrooms, or those that are owned rather than rented. Please contact us for more details of this service.

Our shared delivery service delivers to every household within a geographic area and we guarantee that no other leaflets delivered at the same time will be for a similar business type.

If you would like to find out more, or book on to this service, please contact us now.

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