Good or Bad – Get It Right And You’re Onto A Winner!




No need to bother

 No need to bother


Although I was involved in creating content and advising for an award-winning Marketing Campaign for a global pharmaceutical company,I don’t know a lot about Marketing/Advertising formally, unlike Alex. What I do have is  a grasp of what’s effective and what is not (we all do).

The shining example of how to do it right is of course Compare The Market’s Compare The Meerkat campaign.  Stunningly brilliant.  This is surely the best we’ve seen in years, if not ever.  Looking back, those other stand out campaigns such as “Trio” where the viking kid screeches, Nescafe Gold Blend (enough said) and Cointreau  don’t even get a look in!

Bad advertising and marketing can also be as effective if not moreso.  If there is controversy, there is money to be made.  What is the best way to get customers under these circumstances? Let negative press and riled twitter-ites do the talking.  In the case of the subject of my next blog, go there, spend money, but its only so we are able to sit there and moan about how wrong it is.  I think everyone will have their own views.  Mostly negative, but lets face it, the place is thriving and it is all based on the controversy and those looking down their noses at this ridiculous idea.  Who’s having the last laugh?

Read my review below (contains some swearing):