A new toy has arrived!

Minnie-Plus Little Demon Stuffer

It is no secret that I often make my own sausages so that I know exactly what is in them. However, until now I have used a nozzle attachment on my mincer to stuff the sausages.

Today I took delivery of an Italian sausage stuffer: the Minnie-Plus Little Demon Stuffer supplied by Weschenfelder.

I have already been to Peter Goss Butchers and picked up some Pork, so I will be making my first batch of sausages with the new stuffer tomorrow.



Cut the meat into cubes and mince, making sure that it is well mixed.

Add the seasoning and mix well, then add the water gradually and mix until it is absorbed (this takes a much shorter time than you would expect.)

Add the rusk to the mixture and mix again.

If you are unsure of your seasoning, heat a frying pan and cool a small ‘pattie’ of the mixture to ensure that the seasoning is correct. – Alter the seasoning to get the taste that you are after.

Fill casings with mixture, using your new sausage stuffer.