Info Techies!

Laptops, desk tops, tablets, smart phones and their accessories a remarkable in what they can do when they work properly.  Every so often, we all hit a snag.  It usually isn’t the actual product itself but something we have done – pesky human error! Here at Alex Goodey Communications we promise we can fix it.

This week has been exceptionally busy for us.  Yes folks, even Apple products aren’t safe from malfunctioning!  We have been working with many of our existing clients and some new clients too in a range of locations including Northampton, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire.

We don’t just support small and large business but offer a professional and efficient service to those needing help at home from setting up and syncing your devices, networking, troubleshooting to retrieving data and everything in between!

We offer comprehensive help and support at an affordable price.  We will take the irritation of errors away from you!!